Saturday, May 10, 2008

How You Can Promote Your Books

Ben Franklin has a great quote that goes "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

Sometimes poets fall into this category, in that they create a book, and expect it to magically sell.

If you have a book that hasn't been selling the way you would like, it may be time to take a look at the promotion you are doing for it. When surveyed, most poets responded the only promotion they did was to take it with them to readings, and even then, they didn't promote it (excluding putting it on a table with a price tag.)

When you promote at a passive level, you may just end up with passive sales.

Here are some low cost plans you can make to help improve the sale of your book.

If you are a CFP member, for only $27.50 you can have a 4 month appearance in Poetry Canada magazine in the Poets' Marketplace section. For less than $30, you can be in a magazine with your book! (Price is $55 for non-members) Poets' Marketplace Sample

If you are a CFP member, you can have an announcement in this newsletter, appear on the front index page of the CFP site (over 140,000 hits per month), appear at the top of the page in the CFPShop store, for a total of 5 weeks, for only $20! (A $65 value) That's $4 per week for the promotion of your book - not a big investment, but it could make a big difference. (cost is $30 for non-members) Book Promote Plan

Reserve a table and participate in book fairs. Even better, share it with a friend, and have some company for the day.

Plan a reading from your book at a local coffee shop. Include about 4 readers, offer a discount, and make it fun. If you are a CFP member, promote your event for FREE in the CFP calendar.

If you're a CFP member, tell us what wonderful things you have done. Did you have a book launch, attend an event, win a contest, get selected for an anthology... whatever your news, let us know, and we'll share it in this newsletter.
Whatever you do, do something to help get your work out there, and have your voice really be heard!

Here are some links for you:

Special on right now - Get 5 weeks for the price of 3Book Promotion

Advertise in Poetry Canada Marketplace

Invest in your future with the Federation of Poets

Tracy Repchuk
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