Friday, August 29, 2008

The Poetry of Food Anthology Call


Do you eat food?

The Poetry of Food anthology is about food. A topic that carries with it a memory for everyone.

Remember your moms cooking?  The smell of grandma's pies? How about cooking something over an open fire, marshmallows, smores, corn on the cob, hot dog on a stick, your first taste of escargot, quail, buffalo, or just reminiscing about your favourite comfort food.

Is it chocolate? Strawberries? Rocky Road Ice Cream? Jello? Pumpkin Pie?

Do you like crunchy food, soft, salty, sweet, messy, or just plain vegetables?

Did you get your tonsils out, and get ice cream and popsicles for days.

Whatever it is - share your experiences.

Recall a memorable thanksgiving supper.

How about your favourite breakfast items - crepes, yogourt, waffles with whip cream, french toast and bacon, smoked salmon stuffed omellette or poached egg on an english muffin.

The Poetry of Food knows you have a poem to share - so send your submissions before it closes to:

  Laura Murray -

Get More Details at The Poetry of Food Call

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