Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Poetry of Food Anthology Announcement


Editor: Laura Murray

Food - Glorious Food - Hot Sausage and Mustard.

There isn't a person on earth that doesn't consume food, think about food, look for food, avoid food, crave food, and generally be preoccupied with it.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, junk food, health food, organic, vegetables, fruit, ice cream, literally this topic should have every poet submitting.

You have special foods for religious holidays, traditional foods for Christmas, thanksgiving, food memories of grandma's cooking, the smells that loft from the kitchen, and it is endless to the food derivations that we can recall.

Cotton candy at the fair, popcorn at the movies, a celebratory supper over your promotion, food is connected to so many things that we do.

What about DIE with a T - and the games we play with food to lose the weight. Small portions, foods that call you silently in the night, or invite you to take just one bite.

How about those summer Bar-B-Que's, grilled steak, smoked salmon, smores over an open camp fire, snapped peas fresh off the vine, strawberry picking, apple pie, is any of this getting your food and poetry juices flowing?

Lets go everyone, and get your poems in about the joys or horrors of FOOD.

Laura is waiting to read your poetry, and she is excited to get to know everyone better through FOOD.

Start your next masterpiece.

Go to: www.thepoetryoffood.com

Tracy Repchuk
President of the Canadian Federation of Poets

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