Friday, August 21, 2009

Canadian Federation of Poets News


Tracy Repchuk -

* Appeared on Build a Better Network to share my story and internet marketing endeavours

Nikhil Parekh
* Applied for another Limca World Record and expanded his YouTube presence: Nikhil Parekh Youtube poetry sample

Tod Gaines -
* Was a featured poet on a Hip Hop Radio show as he combined his poetry to music
(Good thinking out of the box)

Paul Hartal

* The Carrer Museum in Milan, Italy, issued this year six art stamps of Paul Hartal. Engraved on the margins of Portrait, Triumphal Arch, Landscape, Afternoon Faces, Victoria, and Blue Mountain, the colourful miniature visual poems display the name of the artist, the title of the work and the year 2009. An envelope mailed from Milan to Montreal this summer with a combined array of Italian postal stamps and Paul Hartal art stamps is marked over with the official cancellation seal of the Italian post. Founded in 1946, the Carrer Mail Art Museum and Archive in Milano houses thousands of works, among them by Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and Victor Vasarely.

Mary Anne Lonergan -
* Her latest poems -"The Talons Of Prisms" was published in the The Ontario Poetry Society - Verse Afire

* The Newmaket's branch - Canadian Hearing Society has asked me to read a couple of her poems in September to expose hearing and deafness talents. One of the poem is called: "Deafness" and unsure yet what the other will be called till that time comes.

* Her second manuscript is now finished and she is working on her third.

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