Sunday, October 04, 2009

Do you Twitter - Social Marketing and Poets

Do you Twitter? Social Marketing and Poets

Many of you may not have entered the world of social marketing, and many of you may be mastering it. So I'll just take a few minutes to give you a very easy tool you should be using to promote your poetry. - this community has exploded and is rivaling Google and Facebook for popularity of use. In fact it has become such an important part of traffic generation and relationship building, that all the top topics at seminars have a twitter expert on board.

It is a fast way to update users with instant messages, or tell them what you're up to, events you are going to, exchange tips, tricks and ideas, and so much more.

You have 140 characters to get the message out fast, and often, and it is a great tool.

Go here:

start your own free account, and select the follow me option.
You will get a feel for what it is, and what you can use it for to promote yourself, and poetry.

If you're thinking how do I share my poetry in 140 characters, simply create a blog post on your blog or where ever and post your poem and create a link you put in your twitter message to drive readers there.

Use this tool to create a small link:

Here is a sample twitter post:

Read my latest poem "I am a wild child" at

Plus you can also have your twitter post autofeed to your Facebook page if you have one. If you don't that's next.

Check out my page: Tracy Repchuk's Facebook Page

And yes, both of these are good for poets.

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