Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Time To Think Poetry

I don't think there has been a greater need for poetry, as now. With so many events occurring that are changing peoples lives, with the doom and gloom of the economy and world wide events - it is up to us to create a better world. It is up to us to write poetry that will uplift, give hope, energize, send love, create peace and let people know something can be done about it. Unlike the rappers who have chosen to contribute to the degradation of society, we will go the other way.

This year for me has already started fast out of the gates. You can see my news below for complete details as I completed my 2010 Power of 3 World Tour and have already started 2011 with 5 countries.

We have lots of activity happening with local Federations so be sure to check the calendar for dates and times.

Reminder If you haven't already registered to pay via paypal - it is time to renew/join using this method so you can continue to be a part of a great organization


Enjoy the month and keep on creating :)

Tracy Repchuk
President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets

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