Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tracy Repchuk - Why You Should Be Using BlogTalk Radio


For poets, there is a fantastic promotional tool you can take advantage of - and even better - it's free.

I have appeared on radio stations now all over the world, but unless it is a show like Howard Stern - radio doesn't make a lasting impression - unless it is

Here's why
- the radio show is kept on the internet forever
- you can access the show via mp3 and send it to your fans, post it on your blog, your facebook page, tweet about it
- you can take that audio, add it to a powerpoint, and make a YouTube vidoe out of it, and blast to all your social media contacts

It is making a huge impact out there.

Plus - there is tons of radio shows devoted to poetry where you can get interviewed, interview others, or just read your poetry on your own channel and build a network of listeners.

So next time you need publicity, or want to share your poetry with more users - open up a free account on and
start sharing.

Check out a free audio replay of an interview that was done by Dolores Seright for an upcoming book she is doing on successful women. Here is the interview:
Tracy Repchuk Interview Preview

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