Sunday, February 24, 2008

Market Your Poetry and Promote Your Poems


For poets marketing their work, there are many options that they don't consider. As the president of the Canadian Federation of Poets, I have spent much time on educating them on alternative routes to maximize exposure. This one was particularly easy, so I wanted to mention it.

Squidoo, is that a funny name or what? Who would have thought this peculiar name would become an easy to create tool for marketing online.

Mastering Squidoo can make a huge difference in the promotion of your books or your endeavours.

Squidoo is like a baby blog, only you create what is called a lens - which really just means a one page site that targets a specific keyword, including your name.

1. Go to:

As an example - to get a feel for the elements, here is a look at a Squidoo Lens I created. Tracy Repchuk on Internet Marketing

It is effective, easy to do, and really helps with your web traffic and rankings. Many new users are raving about rankings they are getting in Google, because of their Squidoo Lens.

So here is a bit about the background, now that you have seen what one looks like:

1. They are as easy to create as a Blog

2. They allow you to focus (hence the term lens) on a specific topic

3. You create a page by 'Adding Modules'. Add a title for the module, just like a blog post, and then type in the body. Modules are like sections.

4. Popular modules are Amazon, RSS (your blog), Pictures, Guestbook, YouTube, and a generic post area.

5. Like a blog, you can earn money with Adsense. In the case of Squidoo, they add it for you, but you split the income. But, they know how to do it probably better than you do.

6. Tighter more adhesive community. Has the feel of a YouTube.

Try it - it can't hurt, and you can't screw up anything if the lens doesn't work, plus they have a full SquidooU - University if you really want to go for it. Sites like this make the difference between selling books, and having a book.

Have fun, and try it. Promote your poems, your books, your organizations, or poetry in general - help to spread the word about one of the most powerful mediums.

Tracy Repchuk
President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets

PS - Join the Federation of Poets an organization dedicated to uniting poetry and organizations around the world in the global promtion of poets and poetry.

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