Sunday, March 02, 2008

March Canadian Federation of Poets Newsletter

Welcome Supporters of Poetry Canada and the Canadian Federation of Poets

Greeting everyone I just wanted to remind you that the latest edition of Poetry Canada has gone out, and the high profile interview with Daphne Rose Kingma, six times on Oprah and over 1,000,000 copies sold of her books in this edition has already received massive feedback.

Hope for poets, and acknowledgement for members that you are in one of the most progressive poetry organizations whose profile is continuously rising.

I will be away most of March with my speaking engagements in Australia, but you will have your latest copy of Poetry Canada to keep you company, and ten anthologies to submit to. With over 1000 poets we should have hundreds of submissions for every edition. If you have dreamed of getting more publishing credits in one year than your entire life - this is what could happen.

With increased recognition of Poetry Canada our next interview will be just as impressive for the next edition. He has appeared on The Tonight Show six times, CBC, Comedy Now, Montreal Comedy Festival, Mike Bullard show, and is a poet with a brand new book out. Look for this exciting reveal in our next edition of Poetry Canada. This is a magazine subscription that Canadian Federation of Poets members currently get included in your membership.

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